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Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning is a specialized process for cleaning garments using non-water-based solvents to remove stains and dirt.

Wash & Fold

Wash & Fold service offers convenient laundering solutions, where clothes are expertly cleaned, folded, and ready for wear, saving you time and hassle.


Repairs are essential for maintaining the functionality and longevity of various objects, systems, or structures.


Professional, Eco-Friendly Cleaning

Experience the epitome of cleanliness and sustainability with our professional, eco-friendly cleaning services. We pride ourselves on delivering immaculate results while prioritizing the health of both your living environment and the planet. Our meticulously trained team utilizes cutting-edge green technologies and environmentally conscious practices, ensuring a deep clean that leaves no trace of harmful chemicals behind.

From renewable energy sources to biodegradable cleaning agents, every aspect of our service is thoughtfully curated to minimize ecological impact without compromising on quality. Step into a space that not only shines with cleanliness but also embodies a commitment to a greener, healthier future.

Stay at Home

We Pick Up & Deliver in the Bay Area


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Dry Cleaning & Laundry


Laundered Shirt - Starting at $2.99
Wash & Fold - $2.00 / lb
Pants, Shorts, Skirts - $8.49
Jackets, Sweaters, Vests, Blouses: $8.49
Accessories: $3.49


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Delivery and colleciton process

How it works

Schedule a Pickup

Please schedule a pickup for the package at your earliest convenience.

Same Day Pickup

Experience the convenience of Same Day Pickup, allowing you to effortlessly collect your items on the very day of purchase.

Wash Day

Wash day, a ritual of cleansing and rejuvenation for both hair and spirit, where every strand is treated with care and every moment is an opportunity for self-care.


Delivery services ensure timely transportation of goods from one location to another, facilitating convenience and accessibility for consumers worldwide.

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